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“Honeysuckle” Salad

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“Honeysuckle” Salad


On my most recent visit to our nation’s capital, I was really looking forward to dinner at a restaurant that had been a favorite destination when I had been there before on business.  Alas, it was no longer in business, but a new restaurant, Honeysuckle, in the same location was a tempting replacement that, like so many restaurants, is gone.  Always looking for a challenge, I tried tackling a buckwheat and chocolate crumble that was sprinkled on my salad; I couldn’t get there. If I ever manage to pull it off, you’ll know about it.  Who’d a thunk a hint of chocolate crunch would make a salad pop!  I did manage a very reasonable facsimile of the salad, which I’m sharing here.

For lack of any other option I named this in homage to it’s source, and like the fragrant pleasure of honeysuckle, it’s simple.


Raw beets, very thinly sliced (4-5 slices per serving)
Little gem lettuce (depending upon size, 2-4 leaves per person)
Lemon juice (freshly squeezed, for sure)
Chopped pistachio nuts.
Chopped prunes.
Crumbled Nabisco “Famous Chocolate Wafers”
Micro greens (optional)
Tarragon (optional)


Start with a layer of thinly sliced beets.
Top the beets with the lettuce.
Add a bit of lemon juice to the buttermilk; taste and adjust the balance. You can let it sit a bit to thicken, or you can help it along with a trace – just a trace – of cornstarch or xanthin gum. Add a trace of tarragon (optional).
Drizzle the dressing over the lettuce and beets, then garnish with pistachios and prune (about one cut up prune per serving).  Add a few micro greens, then some of the crumbled chocolate wafers (sparingly).


This salad presents better when plated, built up in the order suggested in the directions. It pares well with seafood, particularly grilled salmon.

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