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Glazed Apricots

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Glazed Apricots



Dried apricots (I prefer sulphured to get the traditional color) – a pound of them makes a good start
Cinnamon sticks – a couple is all you’ll need
Orange juice (fresh, and low pulp works best) – a cup or a bit more to just cover the apricots in the pan


Put the dried apricots in a sauce pan. Add the orange juice to just cover the apricots.
Push the cinnamon sticks down into the apricots.
Turn on the heat and bring the orange juice to a boil.
Once the orange juice is boiling, reduce the heat to a simmer.
Allow the orange juice to simmer and reduce.   Turn the apricots occasionally to make sure that all of them are uniformly covered by the orange juice reduction.
Once the orange juice is just about gone, turn the heat off, give the apricots a turn to be sure that all are coated, and allow them to cool.
Store them in airtight containers and keep them refrigerated.

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