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Pot Rack


I never coveted a kitchen large enough to accommodate one of those pot racks that hangs gloriously over the massive islands in kitchens featured in Architectural Digest and all those glossy real estate magazines, but I did know that given a smaller kitchen space, a pot rack could provide extra storage and some relief to the drawers holding pots, pans, and cooking utensils. You can hang some pans on hooks on the backsplash behind your cooktop, if the backsplash construction materials will permit it, but that doesn’t really have a finished look to it. Many smaller kitchens – apartments and condos – have narrow over-counter cabinets on either side of the cooktop, and a usually useless cabinet over the vent hood. if that’s your situation, or the situation of someone you know, you have an opportunity to make some room.

Strolling through the hardware store and hoping to find a solution, I ran across a hollow steel rod that was pre-cut to the width of the space available over the cooktop. The light came on, and I purchased all that was needed – one 36″ steel rod (hollow), two 5/16-inch lag bolts (3 inches long), and some black washers. Short list.

What I did was this. (1) I drilled pilot holes (from the outside) into the cabinets on either side of the opening, where I wanted the rod to be located (started small and increased the diameter to just under the diameter of the lag bolts); (2) started the first lag bolt from the inside of the first cabinet; (3) once the lag bolt made its appearance on the outside of the cabinet I held one end of the hollow steel rod in place and continued screwing in the lag bolt until it was sufficiently into the steel rod to hold it; (4) repeated the process on the other cabinet, putting the open end of the steel rod in place as the second lag bolt made its appearance; (5) determined how much black washer I needed to fill any gap and give a finished look; (6) backed off the lag bolts to put the black washers in place; (7) tightened the lag bolts through the washers until all was firmly in place. I ordered hangers from Amazon.com – 2 packages of 10. Mission accomplished; extra space gained.

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