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Most kitchens these days have a pantry, and while that sounds glamorous to those of us who grew up  with all pantry items put away in cabinets in the kitchen, many pantries, especially those in apartments, condos, or empty-nester residences, hav the common downside of being narrow and deep – great fun when you are putting things in it the first time; hell when you’re trying to get to them later, or forgetting you have them altogether because they’re out of sight and subsequently out of date.

For my former kitchen, I found a solution in the Rev-a-Shelf line. It’s a single shelf, or basket, that pulls out to provide easy access to those items that would otherwise be difficult to get. I did find that when I put them in I had some seemingly dead space on either side (more on one than the other), but I have rearranged enough to find good use for that space for items that truly are not accessed that often – bulk napkins, etc.

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