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Plastic wrap dispenser with cutter

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Plastic wrap dispenser with cutter


Particularly if you are cooking for one or two, and find yourself with enough ingredients or final product for “the next time”, plastic wrap is your friend. And like any friend, it’s nice to have around when you need it. Fortunately, the market has responded with boxed plastic wrap that has a sliding cutter,  making it much easier to cut the wrap to proper size. And, depending upon your usage, you can get them ranging in size from that of a single box of wrap, up to smaller, commercial sizes.

  • For bowls and other containers, place the box behind what you’re covering. Pull the wrap out and over, then down the side closest to you. Cut the plastic and let it fall down the side away from you. Tighten. It really is like having a helper.
  • For produce and the like (you know, like the other half of that onion or tomato or lemon you just needed half of), pull the wrap out and let it lie on your work surface.  Cut it, but leave it clinging to the box. Place whatever you’re wrapping on the sheet on your work surface (cut side down, if that’s the case), then detach the sheet from the box and finishing wrapping. You’ll get a very tight fit, and the fact that the plastic is tight and flush against the cut edge will help maintain freshness.
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