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Spring Harmonie Cocktail

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Spring Harmonie Cocktail


After being treated to cocktails at the Baccarat Hotel in NYC one Christmas, I felt compelled to acquire at least a couple of pieces of Baccarat. Their Harmonie barware is spectacular – as someone once opined, “Does Baccarat make your drink taste better? No, but you think it does!”

Following Baccarat on Instagram, one of their featured posts, designed to showcase their Harmonie line, was a refreshing cocktail perfectly suited to warm spring and hot summer evenings.


3 cucumber slices, plus 1 more for garnish
1-1/2 oz Vodka
3/4 oz St. Germaine or Domaine de Canton (ginger based liqueurs)
1 oz lemon juice, freshly squeezed
1 Baccarat Harmonie tumbler (optional, and really, it won’t affect the taste)


Muddle the three slices of cucumber in a cocktail shaker.
Add the vodka, St. Germaine or Domaine de Canton, and the lemon juice.
Add ice.
Shake until very cold.
Put ice in the tumbler (a large cube or sphere is ideal, if you have it).
Strain the cocktail into the glass, over the ice.
Add cucumber garnish.

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