Celebrating yours and theirs.

One of the joys of growing up in a small town is that understanding differences between people is easier than in larger environs, especially when the physical manifestations of those differences, particularly religious, are a highly visible part of the community. The Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, and Baptist churches, and the Jewish Synagogue were all not more than a 3-block walk from my home. Having one room per grade in elementary school also meant that not only were we more acutely aware of how others celebrated religious holidays and festivals, we were even invited into their homes to observe those celebrations. We knew that Catholics ate fish on Friday, and we sampled matzo crackers during Hanukkah. And we knew that eggs had significance in the Christian celebration of Easter.

Once into food and cooking, I found real pleasure in learning about the foods associated with or acceptable during celebrations by the World’s religions. Knowing that Passover and Easter are celebrated close to each other, and looking for foods that would work within the constraints of observance, I was both surprised and delighted to find that one of my favorite desserts, flourless chocolate cake, was an acceptable and festive addition to a Passover menu.

Flourless chocolate cake is easy, chocolaty, not too sweet, and when topped with a compatible favorite topping, a sure-fire hit, with or without attendant celebration. If you like chocolate, then this one’s for you. Have at it!!!

I think I’ve read that the significance of eggs in the Christian celebration of Easter has to do with the idea of rebirth. A baked cheesecake is quite dependent on egg to get the result you want. This particular cheesecake was made using my basic cheesecake recipe with a ground almond crust, using almond extract rather than vanilla. It’s iced with whipped cream, and decorated with colored shredded coconut and Jordan almonds.

6 responses to “Celebrating yours and theirs.”

  1. Sharall Grissen Avatar
    Sharall Grissen

    Lamar: Thus cheesecake was a huge hit at the Birthday Celebration. Not too sweet but still very rich and creamy. And that crust made with nuts—Wow, incredibly delicious! I brought a piece home to my husband who said that was h the r best he had ever had!!! Thus is a must try recipe! Thank you. Sharall


    1. Oooooo, my mouth is watering!!! I’ve just made chocolate tarts, so will make yours next. Alice


  2. laural.austin@wcc.net Avatar

    My, I did love this. You are amazing.


  3. The cheese cake is fantastic.


  4. Your Cheesecake was devoured by the Warrington Birthday gals last week.

    Thanks so much


  5. Spectacular!! Gorgeous! Amazing! Unbelievable ! You outdid yourself ! How can I order one??????

    Your friend who is filled with admiration ! 🐰🐤🐥🐣 Patti


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